Suitcase-size electroacoustic nylon guitar.

The first batch of Minicorda is sold out! 🙀 The good news is next batch is being processed and will be available in the next weeks. You can reserve your unit for only $1, as soon as it's finished you'll receive an email to finish your purchase. Remember batch 2 will only be accesible for those who made their reservation.

-Augusto and Diego. (Luthiers and Founders)

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Fits in a suitcase and in your dreams!

Regular tuning. Half the size.


How is it built?

We created and patented a hollow-neck system that makes a 19-inch guitar resonate like a larger one. And also added great electronics (Fishman Preamp).

Mincorda resonance body is made on high-quality polymers with great acoustic capabilities and mounted over a solid aluminum frame. Manually finished and carefully calibrated by Diego Spina (co-founder and Luthier) And it's environment friendly: Minicorda is 65% made with recycled materials.

Return policy?

Return policy is also very important for us. You can take your money back and send the instrument to the factory up to 1 month after receiving it.

Regular strap?

You can use Minicorda with a regular guitar strap (not included). Also you can just hold it or place it over your leg.

Output is for line-out? or Headphones?

Minicrda has a built-in mono line output. You can plug it to any amp or line input for recording. You cannot use it directly with headphones.

How does it sound like?

Many say: that sound cannot come out from a "baguette-size" guitar. But it does. Minicorda sounds like a regular size nylon guitar and some early adopters said its sound is fat, warm, and with a long sustain. Please take a listen to the demos below.

Tuning and assembling?

Minicorda is one solid-piece guitar. There's nothing to assemble like on the majority of the travel guitars. And it's also regular-tuning (EADGBE)

It's ok for any hand size?

Minicorda Scale-Lenght is 17.71in / 45cm. It's smaller than a regular guitar. It's perfect match for small/mid size hands. But sometimes in may result not-natural for XL hands. A good check is to meassure your index finger. If it's larger than 3 in. or 7 cm (from base to fingertip) Minicorda may result small for your hand.

Right-handed or left-handed?

Minicorda comes in both flavors. Regular and lefty.

And will always have both versions since one of the founders is left-handed. You can also use a left-handed as regular and vice-versa just flipping strings position.

Unplugged sound?

Minicorda is electroacoustic. Almost no sound comes if its unplugged (but good enough for practicing). All of the videos online were recorded using the built-in line output. some directly to the computer input, some to an amp.

See it in action

Minicorda Specs

• Exclusive Hollow Neck Design ®

• Regular Tuning (EADGBE)

• Scale Lenght: 17.71in / 45cm.

• Fingerboard width at Nut: 2.04 in / 5,2 cm.

• Total Lenght: 19.7 in / 50 cm.

• 12 frets

• Allen Precision Tuning mechanism.

• Electronics: FISHMAN Sonitone Mic and Pre-Amp.

• Mono Audio Output (Plug).

• Tone and volume controls.

• One piece (nothing to assemble :)

• Materials: ABS Polymer and aluminium.